FC Schalke 04 2016/2017

Hello, guys, here again with another GDB that wasn’t really planned, but I wanted to see the whole team updated haha. I’d like to thank syirojuddin for the work on the 2015/2016 away and third kits, remember that both kits will be used also for this season.

As for the new kits, the GDB comes with 3 new goalkeeper kits, 3 combinations for the home kit, and 2 combinations for away/third kits.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1ecsNx

Password: peskits2016bk201

River Plate 2016 GDB UPDATE

I was planning just to update the first River 2016 post, but there are major changes to all kits, so I prefer to make a new post for this.

The new River kitset includes the previous home and away kits with all the combinations the team has used until today. 3 goalkeeper kits (they ditched by now the light green kit, so now it includes the generic black/gray/pink one), and 4 player kits (both special kits are included).

As always, all credits included on the READ ME text file.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1eX83M

Password: peskits2016bk201

VFB Stuttgart 2016-2017

Hello, guys! I was a little bit surprised that no one had made this kitset before, and this was very funny to make! The third kit’s details were a lot tricky, but it seems everything went great.

The GDB includes 3 goalkeeper kits (not sure about the “Big Cat” correct colors on the purple kit), 2 combinations for home kit, away and third kits. Unfortunately, the away kit goes with a normal template and not a loose/tight one, as there’s no correct model for that kind of collar. Enjoy!


GDB: http://adf.ly/1eV53s

Password: peskits2016bk201

ACF Fiorentina 2016/2017

Hello, guys! Here again with a GDB I didn’t plan to make, but recently I had the wish to work at it (Maybe because Carlos Salcedo moved to this team? haha, that’s one of the reasons). Viola’s GDB with a pretty classic design by the french brand Le Coq Sportif.

The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits and 3 player kits (the red one can be used also as a goalkeeper kit). It includes also the European version of all kits, which have a different sponsor at the front of the shirt. Enjoy and leave your opinions about this kits!

Credits to Luan17 for the numbers/fonts! You can check his amazing works for PES 2013 by clicking on the name.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1eIjj2

Password: peskits2016bk201

Italy 2016 GDB (2018 World Cup Qualifiers)

Hello, guys, after the EURO there has been some movement with the european national teams’ kits, beginning with Italy, as the “azzurri” released a special away kit as a tribute for the World Cup they won 10 years ago.


So, this GDB replaces the previous away kit with the new one, including 3 different combinations of shorts and socks. All the kits are in two versions: the normal one and a version for the Russia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers. Enjoy!


GDB: http://adf.ly/1dmEft

Password: peskits2016bk201

Club América 2016/2017 (UPDATE)

Hello, guys, following with the Liga MX kits again, here a kitset a fellow kitmaker couldn’t finish, so I took the job for him 🙂 The Club América kitset, celebrating their first 100 years of existence.

The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits, and the polemic home/away kits. Both kits a little bit inspired on their history, as the home kit is light yellow/white, using the 2 most famous colors they used for their home uniforms. And the away kit makes a homage to the actual Serie A team Torino FC, as they were the rival of America in the Estadio Azteca very first game.

Credits to KIKI ROCHA for his great wotk with his PES 2016 kits, which were very useful as a base for the special textures of this kits, and to Korn Football Fonts for the numbers/fonts.


UPDATE (16/10/2016): All kits fixed, added combinations for home kit, added special Centenary patch to all kits.

GDB: http://adf.ly/1etyrn

Password: peskits2016bk201

Pumas UNAM 2016-2017 GDB

Here it is, my (maybe) last work for this Liga MX season, los Pumas de la UNAM. Nike made an incredible design for both home/away kits, featuring both sides of one of the murals of the Central Library of the National Autonomous Mexican University (UNAM in spanish). First of all, thanks again to ABIEL for the Nike templates.

However, that feature was very hard to get ready, but thanks to KIKI ROCHA from the team of “Kits Liga MX y Ascenso para PES 2016” I could manage to get ready this kitset! Making that texture match between the shirt and the collar was very tricky, but I think it looks good🙂 Enjoy, please, as this kits were a little bit complicated to make.


UPDATE (13/09/2016): 3rd Goalkeeper kit added.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1dvXef

Password: peskits2016bk201

Club Tijuana 2016-2017 GDB

Hello, guys! Still with Liga MX new season, this time I leave here to all of you the newest kitset for the recently popular team Xolos de Tijuana. After 2 years of using the very same shirts, they updated to the most recent Adidas teamwear uniforms, with a cleaner design, despite the large number of sponsors they carry on their shirts.

This kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits, and 3 player kits (new home/away kits, and an update for the black 3rd kit). Enjoy!

NOTE: The numbers are similar to the official ones. I’ll update this GDB if I manage to find the very same font they use.


UPDATE: New sponsor added, new goalkeeper kit added.

GDB: http://adf.ly/1df7lS

Password: peskits2016bk201

Tigres UANL 2016-2017 GDB

The third and final work for today is Tigres UANL, who stays for another year with the german brand Adidas. The design for their kits is very clean, keeping with the tendencies of the brand for this season in all their works. The home kit uses blue shorts again, as they did in their 3rd championship back in 2011.

The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits (waiting for a 3rd and/or 4th kit), and 3 player kits: the new home/away kits and the third kit which was unveiled months ago, but they still haven’t used until today.


UPDATE (13/09/2016): Third Goalkeeper added, and little updates to all kits.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1dvXs3

Password: peskits2016bk201

Veracruz 2016-2017 GDB

The second work for today of Liga MX is the new kitset for the Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz. Made again by Charly Futbol (a trademark which is gaining more and more popularity), they received a innovative design, preserving the traditional white “V” in their red home shirt, but now with a spray effect that continues to the upper part of the sleeves. All the uniforms keep the very same design, just with different color combinations.

The kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits, and 3 player kits. More combinations will be added after they unveil them. Enjoy!


GDB: http://adf.ly/1cdEVU

Password: peskits2016bk201