DFB-Pokal Finale 2017 kits

Hello, people! It’s been a while, right?

I will be back with the new season, and as a preview, here is a special GDB including the home GK and player kits for both finalists of the DFB-Pokal finale, to be played today at Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany. Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Dortmund.

This pack only contains the kits that are going to be used for this match, with all the special shirt badges.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1mjS97

Password: peskits2017bk201

Liga MX Clausura 2017 Updates

Hello, guys! After a little break I’m back with kitmaking, this time with all the updates for the Clausura 2017 tournament of Liga BBVA Bancomer MX. 10 teams updated their kits for this new tournament, so there was a lot of movements, mainly with 3rd kits. So, lets see what’s new for each team!

Password for all GDB files is: peskits2017bk201


Club América

(Includes the new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKnbm

Atlas de Guadalajara

(Includes the new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKnPM

C.D. Guadalajara

(Includes the new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKnin

C.F. Monterrey

(Includes the new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKnqe

C.F. Pachuca

(Update to all kits, includes also the new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKoG5

Querétaro F.C.

(Includes the new 3rd kit and new away kit combination)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKoNM

Club Santos Laguna

(Includes the new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKoUY

Tigres UANL

(Update to all kits, includes new GK kit and a new 3rd kit)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKodK

C.D. Toluca

(Update to all kits with 100th anniversary badge)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKolk

Pumas UNAM

(Update to all kits and new 3rd kit added)


GDB: http://adf.ly/1iKou9

Associação Chapecoense de Futebol 2016/2017

Hello, guys, it’s been a while, right?

This time I’m here for something special. Everyone knos already the tragic situation the Chapecoense’s fans and family are passing right now. The plane crash who took the life of almost all the players, technical staff and brazilian press staff will be remembered forever in football history, they all will be in the football fans’ hearts.

This is a little homage from me to all Chape’s players, staff, and all the other people that were on the plane, who are watching us from the sky as the champions they are, now and forever, and also to all the people related to the club. I hope they’ll can find soon resignation. And with this GDB, I want to make all of us remember this team and the amazing things they did before, each time we choose the team on PES.

The GDB includes 2 goalkeeper kits, 2 combinations for home/away kits, and the beautiful Copa Sudamericana kit.


Download GDB

Password: peskits2016bk201


AS Saint Etienne 2016-2017

Hello, guys, it’s been a while! Here I am finally with the Saint Etienne GDB. It has the very same template as Fiorentina kits (well played, LeCoq) but with a very few different details. All kits have the french flag on the sleeve cuffs and in the collar.

The kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits and 3 player kits, home and away ones with the frequently used combinations too (all green and all white). It also includes the european competitions versions of all kits (thanks to Luan17 for his work with the european numbers and fonts).


GDB: http://adf.ly/1fWDFT

Password: peskits2016bk201

FC Schalke 04 2016/2017

Hello, guys, here again with another GDB that wasn’t really planned, but I wanted to see the whole team updated haha. I’d like to thank syirojuddin for the work on the 2015/2016 away and third kits, remember that both kits will be used also for this season.

As for the new kits, the GDB comes with 3 new goalkeeper kits, 3 combinations for the home kit, and 2 combinations for away/third kits.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1ecsNx

Password: peskits2016bk201

River Plate 2016 GDB UPDATE

I was planning just to update the first River 2016 post, but there are major changes to all kits, so I prefer to make a new post for this.

The new River kitset includes the previous home and away kits with all the combinations the team has used until today. 3 goalkeeper kits (they ditched by now the light green kit, so now it includes the generic black/gray/pink one), and 4 player kits (both special kits are included).

As always, all credits included on the READ ME text file.


UPDATE (14-12-2016): New goalkeeper kit, updated sponsors, and Special “homage to Chapecoense” kit added.

GDB: http://adf.ly/1ghOdx

Password: peskits2016bk201

VFB Stuttgart 2016-2017

Hello, guys! I was a little bit surprised that no one had made this kitset before, and this was very funny to make! The third kit’s details were a lot tricky, but it seems everything went great.

The GDB includes 3 goalkeeper kits (not sure about the “Big Cat” correct colors on the purple kit), 2 combinations for home kit, away and third kits. Unfortunately, the away kit goes with a normal template and not a loose/tight one, as there’s no correct model for that kind of collar. Enjoy!


GDB: http://adf.ly/1eV53s

Password: peskits2016bk201

ACF Fiorentina 2016/2017

Hello, guys! Here again with a GDB I didn’t plan to make, but recently I had the wish to work at it (Maybe because Carlos Salcedo moved to this team? haha, that’s one of the reasons). Viola’s GDB with a pretty classic design by the french brand Le Coq Sportif.

The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits and 3 player kits (the red one can be used also as a goalkeeper kit). It includes also the European version of all kits, which have a different sponsor at the front of the shirt. Enjoy and leave your opinions about this kits!

Credits to Luan17 for the numbers/fonts! You can check his amazing works for PES 2013 by clicking on the name.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1eIjj2

Password: peskits2016bk201

Italy 2016 GDB (2018 World Cup Qualifiers)

Hello, guys, after the EURO there has been some movement with the european national teams’ kits, beginning with Italy, as the “azzurri” released a special away kit as a tribute for the World Cup they won 10 years ago.


So, this GDB replaces the previous away kit with the new one, including 3 different combinations of shorts and socks. All the kits are in two versions: the normal one and a version for the Russia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers. Enjoy!


GDB: http://adf.ly/1dmEft

Password: peskits2016bk201

Club América 2016/2017 (UPDATE)

Hello, guys, following with the Liga MX kits again, here a kitset a fellow kitmaker couldn’t finish, so I took the job for him  🙂 The Club América kitset, celebrating their first 100 years of existence.

The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits, and the polemic home/away kits. Both kits a little bit inspired on their history, as the home kit is light yellow/white, using the 2 most famous colors they used for their home uniforms. And the away kit makes a homage to the actual Serie A team Torino FC, as they were the rival of America in the Estadio Azteca very first game.

Credits to KIKI ROCHA for his great wotk with his PES 2016 kits, which were very useful as a base for the special textures of this kits, and to Korn Football Fonts for the numbers/fonts.


UPDATE (16/10/2016): All kits fixed, added combinations for home kit, added special Centenary patch to all kits.

GDB: http://adf.ly/1etyrn

EXTRA: Here is the GDB for the FIFA Club World Cup 2016 version of each kit. Enjoy!

GDB: http://adf.ly/1ghOiV

Password: peskits2016bk201