Japan National Team 2015-2017

Hello, guys! After a little rest, I’ll be releasing some updates for the most recent GDBs, but before that, an extra kitset I had done since a month ago. I didn’t plan to release it, also because the new home kit will be released next monday, but here it is anyways, maybe someone still find it useful. Home and away kits are based on Konami’s PES 2018 colors and textures.

The GDB file contains 3 player kits (home, away and the special 1998 anniversary kit), and 2 goalkeeper kits. Thanks in advance to Codilester for his great work on the away kit numbers.


Download GDB

Password: peskits2017bk201


FC Schalke 04 2017-2018

Hello, guys! Here with a GDB I didn’t plan in the beginning, but it was just an update and two new kits, so why not? Also I liked a lot what Adidas did for Schalke’s new third kit. They also added a new sleeve sponsor, as the Bundesliga contract with Hermes ended last season.

The GDB contains two goalkeeper kits and 3 player kits (home with the combinations they used since the last season, away with 2 combinations, and the 3rd kit).


GDB: http://adf.ly/1nxm7Z

Password: peskits2017bk201

Pachuca CF 2017-2018

The last kitset is the new Tuzos del Pachuca uniform, still wearing Nike, this time, despite the great number of sponsors,  they have an overall good looking design, using their typical white/blue combination, and black/pink for their alternative uniforms.

This kitset includes 4 (!) goalkeeper kits, and 3 player kits (home, away, third), including an extra combination for the home kit.



GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFax

Password: peskits2017bk201

Pumas UNAM 2017-2018

The fourth kitset of today is Pumas of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, which this season pays homage to the American Football team of the very same university, using the same colours and design in their uniforms.

The kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits and 2 home/away kits, with their respective combinations.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFd9

Password: peskits2017bk201

Toluca CD 2017-2018

The third team is Club Deportivo Toluca, which is still on their 100th anniversary celebration, as they played a special exhibition match against Atlético de Madrid as part of this anniversary.

The kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits and 3 player kits. The third player kit can also be used for goalkeepers.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFe7

Password: peskits2017bk201

Atlas FC 2017-2018

Here with the second of 5 teams for today, this time is Atlas from Guadalajara, which changed their main sponsor, from Puma to Adidas, who made a very traditional home kit, but the rest of the uniforms sadly are teamwear.

The kitset includes 3 goalkeeper kits and two combinations for home/away kits.

UPDATE (15/09/2017): Third kit added.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1oBPGm

Password: peskits2017bk201

Tigres UANL 2017-2018

Hello! Today is the release of the rest of Liga MX kits I made for this season. I’ll begin with one of the most winning teams in the recent years, Tigres of the Universidad Nacional de Nuevo León, in Monterrey.

This kitset contains 3 goalkeeper kits, and also 3 player kits (home, away, and also the black third kit they still haven’t used).


GDB: http://adf.ly/1nkFcL

Password: peskits2017bk201

Borussia Dortmund 2017-2018

Just in time for the German Supercup match, here is my Borussia Dortmund new kitset! I was wondering if they could announce a new sleeve sponsor, and so they did yesterday, adding the famous Opel logo on their left sleeve in replacement of Hermes.

This kitset includes 2 goalkeeper kits (you can add the third kit as a goalkeeper kit if you want), 3 player kits (home and away with their respective combinations) and the “not yet released” Champions League home shirt (if it needs an update, I’ll fix it as soon as I can).

NOTE: There won’t be “loose/tight” kits this season, as there’s no correct collar model for all kits.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1nh78n

Password: peskits2017bk201

Santos Laguna 2017-2018

The last team on the “Puma legion” for Liga MX is Santos Laguna, the oldest team wearing the german brand (this is the 7th season of relationship between the “big cat” and the “Laguneros”). They also take part of the “Step Out” campaign, using black and neon green for their away uniform.

The GDB contains 3 goalkeeper kits, and 2 player kits. As almost all Liga MX kitsets, more combinations will be added as they unveil them. The away kit already has its neon green fonts/numbers on the GDB.

UPDATE (28/09/2017): Third kit added, and minor fixes in all kits.


GDB: http://j.gs/9S8H

Password: peskits2017bk201

Querétaro FC 2017-2018

The third team, and also another one of the “Puma legion” on Liga MX, is Querétaro FC. The team known as “Gallos Blancos”, winners of the 2017 SuperCup, take also part of the “Step Out” campaign, with a striking black/neon blue combination for their away strip.

The GDB includes 3 goalkeeper kits, and 2 player kits. If the team uses another combination, it will be included later in a future update. The away kit is already with neon blue fonts/numbers, as the previews were still taken with a white set.

UPDATE (15/09/2017): Third kit and new home kit combination added.


GDB: http://adf.ly/1oBPCs

Password: peskits2017bk201